Rituals Offered

Collage of flowers with wedding ring centersFrom the birth of a child, starting a new job, moving into a new home, starting a business - and even the first gray hair. Reverend Elisheva has a ritual offered to make this a special occasion and life event. All events can be blessed and made into an individual unique occasion.

When we are faced with challenging situations, we sometimes get stuck in the moment and have difficulty moving on. Creating a ritual marks time, making it a sacred moment either at the beginning or ending of a difficult transition. It is an outward acknowledgement of the new phase in your life. Let Reverend Elisheva help you begin this new journey.

The word ritual is derived from an Indo-European root, meaning "to fit together."

Anthropologist Angeles Arien, in her book "The Four Fold Path," has written: "Ritual is recognizing a life change, and doing something to honor and support the change."

In this way human beings support the changes they are experiencing and create a way "to fit things together again."

Examples of Rituals offered:

"The function of a ritual, as I understand it, is to give form to the human life, not in the way of a mere surface arrangement, but in depth" -- Joseph Campbell

Rituals available in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia & Washington, DC Areas
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