Religious, Same Faith & Interdenominational Weddings

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The major religions all follow written scriptures and codes of behavior and deep-rooted traditions. Wedding ceremonies are generally performed by priests, rabbis, imams, etc. Religious couples who wish to get married are sometimes confronted by their respective religious bodies with a denial to perform their marriage. There are many reasons. Mostly, one or both have been divorced, or one comes from a different religion, and the religious leader will not perform the ceremony without a conversion first.

A civil ceremony is an answer, but many religious individuals find this option unacceptable. Their love and commitment for each other and God is as sacred to them as it is for the couple with the same religion. They want to get married and to have God an integral part of the ceremonial text.

It is an honor for me to create a religious ceremony for a couple reflecting their individual beliefs and values and incorporating familiar prayers and blessings which gives recognition to both religions and their individual cultural backgrounds.

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