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"Creating personalized, original ceremonies incorporating practices, rituals, prayers, poems, readings and music honoring the cultural, ethnic and racial diversity of each couple."

Beautiful Floral BouquetI believe that the ceremony is the most important part of a wedding – not the cake, food or flowers, locations or entertainment. Those items can be applied to many festivities and many occasions. A wedding ceremony, I hope, will be a SINGLE event.

Allow me to explain! Most couples gage the costs for the ceremony to the length of the Wedding Ceremony. The length of the ceremony has NO BEARING on the fee. As stated in my bio, I am an ordained Interfaith Minister, graduated from an Interfaith Seminary and have a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling. I am qualified to write and perform religious interfaith, interracial, intercultural, same-faith, humanist and same-sex ceremonies.

By the time the wedding takes place, I will have worked on the ceremony for many days, have met with the couple, have had numerous phone conversations, emails, and exchanges. The script of the ceremony is being sent to the couple for review and revision throughout then entire process. There is NO TIME LIMIT on these exchanges or the number of revisions to the ceremony.

Sometimes family members and/or children from a previous marriage are involved in the ceremony which requires thoughtful and sensitive phone conversations and email exchanges. I ask the intended couple to fill out a questionnaire which will help me to get to know the couple in a more personal way. All these elements will give me the tools and foundation necessary for me to create a very personal and individualized ceremony which will always be remembered.

Once I am made aware of the degree of participation (such as rehearsal the day before) the location to determine distance for fuel and food, and any special request, then I send under a singular email my attachment with complete details, including the fee and suggestions based on our experience.

I do not try to calculate mileage as an add-on expense. The fee projected is used for travel expenses (fuel and food) and time devoted to the total task of originating the wedding script and exchanges with you.

My weekend wedding fee is generally the same throughout Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia and District of Columbia. Most weekend weddings (local and distance) actually require booking two (2) days on my calendar, for there is the matter of rehearsal and/or travel time.

The sole exception to the quoted fee concerns a distance wedding and accommodation (generally for just one night), which may require arriving the day before for a rehearsal, or arriving the day before for a morning or early afternoon wedding. A hotel/motel expense, when applicable, is booked and paid directly by the couple near the wedding site, and is not a part of the fee. When a room is needed, the couple can budget, and work with management to secure the minister's room, especially when others may be staying at the same location.

Traveling a long distance on the actual day of a wedding, even without a request for attendance at the rehearsal, can be very tiring, and then upon arrival, I am in need of a place to refresh, rest, prepare and change for the event, not to mention, the possibility of delay on the road during the actual day of the wedding. This has made it a prominent to schedule arrival the day before.

Religious oriented couples generally have the opportunity to be married in a church, temple or synagogue by a priest, minister or rabbi, who will use the typical wedding liturgy which applies to their specific faith. There should be no fee involved, since the leaders of these congregations are paid a salary, although there may be an expectation of a donation. Other options in the different states may be a Justice of the Peace or wedding officiants who are not ordained ministers. The degree of participation in personalizing your wedding through collaboration can be limited or non-existent; therefore, one needs to take advantage of exchanges and learn what is available..

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For more information, fees, to request an appointment, or to check my availability please fill in the online inquiry form. I'll follow-up with you promptly!

Reverend Elisheva services Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Washington DC and West Virginia areas.

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Your special day ....

Greg & Stephanie Luce Wedding Day What can I say about the wedding.... Everything was perfect. The wedding ceremony was truly the most special ceremony I've ever seen and was so glad it was ours! Through your guidance, suggestions and our ideas the ceremony was extremely personal. It was about the joining of the two of us and our families. It was interactive. Greg and I were able to speak from the heart to each other during the ceremony which I really wanted to incorporate. It was extremely important that our children were accepting of the marriage and so we wanted our adult children to be involved in some way. Through the "binding of hands" ceremony, we were all able to stand together and our children were provided the opportunity to "formally" express their acceptance of our marriage to each other. That was a monumental moment for us. Since the wedding our two families have come together as one. The children are communicating with each other often. Greg and I both believe the coming together as a family was due to the wedding and the ceremony itself. We are very grateful to you both for conducting such a warm, loving, personal and interactive wedding ceremony. We will cherish the memories of it forever....

Our best to you both,
Greg & Stephanie Luce
married Farmington Country Club, Charlottesville, VA July 12, 2008

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