Baby Blessings

Baby being blessed in ceremony The purpose of this ceremony is to consciously sanctify the entrance of a soul into the world and to give thanks for the miracle of a new life.

A baby blessing ceremony is a way to introduce your child to family and friends. The decision to baptize a child is entirely up to the parents. Many times the baby is baptized into the faith of his/her guardians. For those who do not claim any particular religion, but worship God in a spiritual way, they may choose to have their child baptized with light or love.

It is to support parents in the sacred role in the child's life. It is to acknowledge grandparents and godparents as guardians offering unconditional love and wisdom to a new generation.

For more information and ideas about your special celebration for your "little one" may I suggest the beautiful words expressed by "A Guide To Planning A Baby Blessing Ceremony."

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